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Úti á böi - Putlispæl, 120 stk.


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On the field - Puzzle 120 pcs.

Puzzle with 120 pcs.

This 120 large piece jigsaw puzzle is designed by Suffía Nón and measures 42 x 29,7 cm. The puzzle is made of recycled cardboard and comes in a nice box.

The size of one piece is approx 4 x 4 cm.

Children love to put together puzzles and this jigsaw puzzle is fun and simple, yet still provide enough of a challenge to help children build skills such as visual reasoning, spacial awareness and short term memory. We have set the age limit to 6 years+, but this is of course only indicative.


- If the item is to be sent outside the Faroe Islands, please be aware of that there may be added fee, VAT and Tax to the item. Please check the Tax rules in your country before you order. Thank you :)