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Sólarris - magnet


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Sólarris - gandakenda lötan 

(Sunrice - the magical moment)

"Risin og Kellingin" are two sea stacks standing at the northern coast of the Island Eysturoy. Legend tells, that a Icelandic giant and his wife, a hag, went to the Faroe Islands to steal the islands and bring them to Iceland. Off they went in the dusk and arrived at the northern coast of the Faroe Islands. They decided to tie a rope around the mountain Eiðiskollur, and pull the Faroe Islands towards Iceland. The giant and the hag knew they had to hide before the sun came up, otherwise they would turn into stone. But they didn't notice the first beams of sunlight appearing on the dark horizon, and inevitably, they were turned into stone.

Magnet size 65 mm x 90 mm. 

The magnet has a glossy surface.